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...Using GPS Rangefinders to Improve Your Golf Score
...Golf for the Beginner
...Buying Used Golf Clubs
...Golf Course Etiquette
...Golf Competition Formats
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Used Golf Clubs and Golf Bags

for the best deals in new and used golf clubs

At Used Golf Clubs and Golf Bags we have selected the best deals on new and used golf clubs, Golf Bags, Golf Balls, Golf Carts and Cars and golf clothing. We have live golf listings, with the best deals for new and used golf clubs and golf bags for men and ladies - all popular brands available, including Ping, Taylormade, Calloway, Mizuno. We have done the searches for you to make it easier for you to find a great deal in used golf clubs. All the golf listings on this site are live and updated as new items are added so you see the latest available golf equipment. So if you're looking for the latest driver, wood, iron set or complete golf club set we have everything you need in one place.
Read Articles from Used Golf Clubs and Golf Bags:

Using GPS Rangefinders to Improve Your Golf Score
Rangefinders have been used in golf for years as a way to improve performance on the course by simply calculating the distance between the ball and the pin. In addition to yardage, most rangefinders are engineered to produce other data necessary to determine your next shot, including shot direction and course elevation. A more recent innovation in the area of rangefinders is the GPS golf rangefinder, which uses Global Positioning to produce faster, data that is more accurate without the need for a clear view of your target.

A typical golf rangefinder relies on eye-safe lasers to determine distance, although the target is required to be in sight to calculate the yardage from point to point. A GPS golf rangefinder, however, uses the same satellite mapping as the GPS systems installed in cars, allowing your exact location to be pinpointed on the course. GPS devices then use recorded course information to calculate the distance between your current position and other course locations, including hazards such as sand, water, or trees. This can be especially useful when playing a course for the first time. Read More about Using GPS Rangefinders to Improve Your Golf Score

Golf for the Beginner
How to get Started. Golf can be very intimidating to the beginner - learning how to hit the ball, the whole business of joining a golf club, people talking an incomprehensible language, spectators as you take a shot - but it's not so difficult if you take it a step at a time.

First step - Take Lesson. Yes, you could buy a set of golf clubs and go out and play a game but the chances are you'll be so disillusioned you'll never do it again. Much better to take it slowly. Find a golf professional you can get on with - if you can't get recommendations from a friend then go to a golf club and book a taster lesson. Don't expect to be able to play like a pro after half a dozen lessons - it takes time and lots of practice. Read More about Golf for the Beginner

Buying Used Golf Clubs
There are a few important things to check out before you buy used golf clubs.

Wear Check out how worn the club head and grips are. A worn club head will not send the golf ball on a straight path. if there are shiny patches or the grooves appear soft edged then the club head may be too old. Worn grips are less of a problem as they are easily replaced, but take into account the cost of doing this before buying.

If buying a complete golf set check that all the clubs are from the same original set. Individual used clubs from different sets, although the same make and brand may have differences in swing weights or shaft types that will make the smooth progression of loft through the set uneven.

Club Type Make sure the clubs are right for you. If you are taking lessons ask your golf professional for advice before buying, he is in the best position to advise you on type of golf club, shaft material etc as he will know your swing and which clubs will benefit you the most.

For a beginning golfer buying used golf clubs can offer an affordable way to start playing golf. Used golf clubs can be bought for a fraction of the price of new golf clubs, and there are lots of bargains available, especially in well known brands of golf clubs.
Golf Course Etiquette
Golf etiquette is really about making the game of golf safer and more pleasant for all the players, most players will be only too pleased to help a beginner learn. Read More about Golf Course Etiquette

Never underestimate the difference good putting can make to your golf game. If you can consistently decrease your putting average from 3 to 2 putts a hole that will cut 18 stokes off your round.

There are 4 aspects to accurate putting - reading the green, lining up the ball, hitting the ball in a straight line, and getting the pace right. Read More about Putting

Golf Competition Formats
There are many formats of golf competitions, many using the handicapping system to make it possible for players of all levels to compete against each other. Some are individual competitions, but there are many team competitions. If you can't tell stableford from stroke play or greensomes from foursomes we have them all explained here. Read More about Golf Competition Formats

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